Who We Are?


The idea for Spera Foods was born in the summer of 2015 while studying abroad in Europe. I spent a few weeks with my cousin in Germany and was introduced to the Tiger Nut. I immediately fell in love with the taste and the nutritional value of the Tiger Nut breakfast porridge I ate in Germany.

I returned to America with several boxes of the breakfast porridge for my friends and family. When I ran out of my supply of Tiger Nut porridge, I went to search online for a supplier, thinking I would easily be able to find this product. However, no one sells Tiger Nut porridge in America. In fact, there are only a few, very expensive, options for any Tiger Nut products. The lack of a product I loved has led me to where I am today. Launching my own food company! This endeavor is so far from what I imagined I would do with my life but yet fits my dreams closely.

I am very passionate about health and wellness. We each influence our health by what we eat, and healthy, tasty food options are important for our well-being. I feel very passionately for individuals who are struggling with obesity and for those who have limited diets due to allergies. I have a hope and longing for change in this world's diet and eating patterns. I believe change can come, and that even one food product like Tiger Nuts can aid in the process. This is why I chose Spera Foods as the name of my company, as ‘spera’ is simply Latin for hope.