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Some Candid Reflections On My Journey In Entrepreneurship

I have been running Spera Foods for almost 4 years now. Some days it feels like I just started yesterday, and on others it feels like an eternity. Since graduating college, working on Spera Foods has become such a huge part of my life. When I reflect on a typical week the three greatest challenges I face as an entrepreneur are time management, self confidence, and outside advice (when to take people's advice and when not to). Time Management From the beginning of owning Spera, I liked the freedom to set my own schedule. With the exception of a part-time job I am completely full-time on Spera.  Having flexibility in my work hours has been super important in my husband...

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Tigernuts: A Proper Introduction

For those of you who are relatively new to the tiger nut, first and foremost, I want to welcome you to this community. We're glad you're here!  Second, I want to talk about some of the health benefits and nutritional value of the tiger nut.  When I first encountered the tiger nut while abroad in Europe I was really surprised how something so delicious and of high nutritional value was nearly impossible, at that time, to get back in the states. Despite what the name might suggest, it is not a kind of nut, but a small root vegetable.  Tiger nuts are also less commonly known as Earth Almonds, Chufa Nuts, Water Grass, or my personal favorite Tiger Tubers.  In...

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Perfect Bar Meets Tiger Nut Flour

My husband and I love Perfect Bars so he set out to find a way to make them at home. I’m pretty sure his motivation for this came from deep love for them, and his desire to be able to eat multiple bars in one day, without me giving him a hard time for eating so many. His addiction is real.  Ingredients: 1 cup creamy peanut butter 1/2 cup Tiger Nut flour 1/2 cup egg white protein 1/2 cup honey 3 scoops of collagen 2 tbsp MCT oil 1 tbsp cocoa powder, some coconut flakes, cocoa nibs, and/or chocolate chips, and a dash of cinnamon (optional to add some green veggie powder for extra health benefits).   Directions Just mix...

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